10 Reasons Why Indian Men Love Women In Saree Than Western Dresses


10 Reasons Why Indian Men Love To See Women In Saree

10 Reasons Why Indian Men Love To See Women In Saree – They say ‘a woman is a gift to mankind. And if woman is a gift, then a saree is the most beautiful gift wrap’.

Saree is a beautiful drape of nine yards, symbolic of our country’s tradition and an epitome of elegance and grace. While in many areas, saree is still worn on a daily basis, however, over the decades it has lost its essence in the westernization process. It has almost lost its battle to western outfits such as dresses tops and jeans as we hardly see women wearing any more sarees, even on special occasions. No matter what women think, men definitely beg to differ. Most men still are more attracted to a nicely draped saree on a woman rather than a clingy dress.

Let us take a look at some of the arguments kept by men that makes them more attracted to a woman wearing a saree:

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1. Inherent motherly appearance

Let’s face it. Just like how girls try to find the traits of their fathers in their life partners, men feel the same way about the woman they want to spend their lives with. An inbuilt characteristic of men by default is being attached to their mothers. Hence, a woman wearing a saree helps a man associate her with his mother’s traits and makes him see a different side to an otherwise normal girl who could be his friend/ colleague/ acquaintance. It just instantly changes his perspective.

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2. Exudes elegance

Nothing speaks more of elegance than a beautifully draped saree. It is synonymous with grace, style and poise.

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3. Maturity

A young lady suddenly starts to look like a woman when she drapes a saree. Somehow, a saree just changes the whole look of a woman. She looks mature and grown up, which changes how man looks at her. She begins to look like a person suitable to spend your life with.

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4. Body language

Wearing a saree changes a woman’s body language. Her style of walking, sitting and moving around changes drastically with a saree draped on her. By default she behaves in a more poised manner and this change in her appears to be a very interesting one for men.

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5. Decency and Simplicity

Even though there is a bit of skin show in a saree, it doesn’t lack decency at all. That is the specialty of this attire. It can be very simple yet very stylish at the same time. Women don’t even have to work much on this look as a saree does the trick, and the simpler the saree (chiffon/ georgette), the sexier it is. Wink!

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6. Beautifully sexy

A saree is effortlessly sexy. The gap between the blouse and the saree showing off a woman’s waist would kill any kind of competition by western outfits, and that too without much effort. It is an amazing combination of beauty and sexiness.

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7. Feminine to the core

Nothing can beat a saree when it comes to feeling and looking as feminine as possible. Even a tomboy can look ladylike and dainty in a saree. Thus men tend to like when their ladies/ friends who usually wear jeans wear saree as it shows them a totally different side of them.

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8. Stands out

In a world full of trend followers, women who choose to wear the traditional Indian outfit stand out. They exude a sense of confidence and uniqueness which men find very attractive as those women do not intent to follow masses; instead they make their own path of style.

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9. Traditional yet S3xy

A Woman who picks a saree over a western outfit just depicts that she is still connected with the roots and traditions of this country. No matter how much she embraces modernization, she still chooses this traditional attire when she wants to look beautiful and elegant; and this says a lot about her. A saree is as traditional as an outfit can get, yet as sexy as one can look. It shows the right amount of skin and covers the right amount too.

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10. Oh those designs!

What can one say about the trends that women follow nowadays! From various kinds of cuts on blouses to using excessive sheer, they sure give men a reason to being attracted to them. Deep necks and backs are a thing of the past, women have started experimenting with sheers and nets; and well the back is almost gone! Needless to say one can imagine the effect it has on men.

Having said that, a saree is still one of the most decent ways of dressing and one can obviously play with the styles to make it more interesting. In a way, it is a perfect attire that makes a woman look decent yet sexy, and of course desirable.

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